H Locke is exhibiting with the Waltham Forest Arts Club in ‘Seeing is Believing’ at St John the Baptist Church which is open 2-10 July with a preview evening on 1st July.

We asked H some questions about practicing art.

H Locke creating her drawing installation on the walls at Steve Smith's house during E17 Art Trail 2015

H Locke creating a large drawing installation on the walls at Steve Smith’s house during E17 Art Trail 2015

Julie: Please tell us about the work you will be showing in the Leytonstone Arts Trail in 2016.

H Locke: I’m going to create a drawing installation inside the Church. It’s going to be site-specific and I’m going to create the work on-site and install immediately. In line with the title of the exhibition, the work will explore the direct relationship between the individual and the belief.

Julie: This is the 9th LAT. Have you taken part in the Trail before and what did you do?

H Locke: Yes, I took part in Art Floats in 2014.

Julie: Tell us a little bit about your artistic background/education.

H Locke: I’m a self-taught illustrator, originally working in ink on paper but this has now expanded to include a number of mediums and surfaces. I’ve also recently become interested in how my work translates into printmaking, studying etching at Prince’s Drawing School and inspired to try linoprint at Hello Print Studios in Margate.

H Locke Drawing on the windows at Hoe Street Central 2015

H Locke drawing on the windows at Hoe Street Central 2015

Julie: How would you describe your art practice? What kind of things inspire you to create art?

H Locke: I am most interested in architecture; form and structure and the relationship between people and the buildings they construct and inhabit.

Julie: How would you describe a good day in the studio?

H Locke: I like to start work as early as possible, because I’m one of those annoying morning people whose brain doesn’t function after 3pm. I like days punctuated with fresh coffee and accompanied by radio 4 throughout, no matter what is playing. At the end of the day I either like to have finished a complex drawing, or have a series of lino prints, most of which worked out how I intended, lined up along the window sill to dry.

Julie: What challenges (if any) do you face in preparing yourself and your work for the Trail?

H Locke: Mostly finding the time to think about what I’m going to do on installation day. I tend to draw things in my head over and over until I have most of the idea there, then draw straight onto the surface, rather than draw everything out in full detail in advance. But even this takes time!

H Locke Drawing on the windows at Hoe Street Central 2015

H Locke drawing on the windows at Hoe Street Central 2015

Julie: Do you collect art?

H Locke: Not consciously, but it still seems to accumulate around me. I tend to buy work that resonates with me for a number of different reasons, so my collection is somewhat eclectic.

Julie: Please tell us something you really like about Leytonstone.

H Locke: I like that it still feels like normal people live there – it’s not just another carbon copy London hipster enclave, teeming with estate agents, though I’m sure this will change soon.

H Locke Drawing on the windows at Hoe Street Central 2015

H Locke Drawing on the windows at Hoe Street Central 2015

Julie: Besides the Trail, what is coming up next for you and where can we see more of your art in the flesh or on-line?

H Locke: I have two exhibitions coming up in Margate, where my studio is. One, a group show with Made in Margate at Viking Gallery in Cliftonville as part of Thanet Open Studios in August. The other is ‘After the Sea’, a two-person exhibition with Julie Caves at Bernie’s Chocolate Bar in Margate in September.

H Locke’s website: FishesCircle.com
Twitter: @hinstow
Instagram: @hinstow

H Locke  outdoor drawing installation 2014

H Locke
Detail of an outdoor drawing installation 2014