Varied media works from 3 female artists Leyton Technical

Claire Zanelli’s work looks at the messy business that is the human condition, in particular the construction and deconstruction of identity through traditional painting techniques, paring back identity to its most literal forms. On a similar line, the illustration work of Emma Zanelli delves into identity from the stance of the ‘unapologetic woman’ through popular culture from past decades, creating the persona of the alluring yet fiercely staunch female.

Alison Reader is a print based artist who uses mixed media on collaged backgrounds of found and vintage materials. Her work is loosely inspired by the work of Hanna Hoch, Giorgio Morandi and Abstract Expressionism.

Venue: Leyton Technical

Address: 265 High Road Leyton, E10 5QN

Dates and times:
Saturday 12pm-1am
Sunday 12pm-11pm
Monday- Wednesday 4pm-11pm
Thursday 4pm-12am
Friday 4pm-1am

Venue accessibility: No step free access

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