Paz Medina is showing at Luna Lounge.

Arts Trail: Have you shown this work before / hosted this event before?

Yes, I have displayed part of this artwork before. ‘Tales of Nowhere’ is a series that I first exhibited last year at the Brick Lane gallery in London. But I am also presenting the first piece of a new series, named ‘Artnet’, as a debut of my new work.

Paz Medina
Some ‘Tales of Nowhere’ ready. Watercolour, 2016

Arts Trail: This is the 10th year of the Leytonstone Arts Trail. Have you taken part in the Trail before?

No, this is my first Arts Trail, and I am very excited about this exhibition. I want to thank the Luna Lounge team for having me in their lovely venue this year.

Paz Medina
Design for an album cover. Ink and graphite, 2014

Arts Trail: Tell us a little about your artistic background / education

I have been a professional fashion designer since 2003, but I have always been a passionate illustrator and a plastic arts lover, working as a freelance in different projects, getting involve in contests and exhibitions. I studied Illustration and Comic in Madrid in 2010 and since that I have been always looking for different challenges.

Paz Medina
Will it Art? Mixed media project, 2017

Arts Trail: How would you describe your art practice? What kind of things inspire you to create art?

I am always been very interested on fantasy and sci-fi in general, it is an amazing way to escape from the reality (everybody likes to do that sometimes, isn’t it?). And as an empathetic person, I use my artwork in that way, to represent different feelings and personalities. So I love to imagine fantastic worlds and varied characters, to represent a wide range of human rarities. Besides, I am quite concerned about consumer society, that is why my new project, ArtNet, deals with making unusual pieces of art from lost and unwanted old objects, merging design and recycling in the same piece.

Paz Medina
‘Song to the siren’. Ink and graphite, 2000

Arts Trail: How would you describe a good day in the studio?

I really enjoy my studio/garden when I can spend a few hours playing some records, being on my own, with my cat around..

Paz Medina
The ‘You are unique’ series in progress. Watercolour, 2017

Arts Trail: What challenges (if any) do you face in preparing yourself and your work for the Trail?

This trail is giving me the opportunity to share some of my private thoughts about myself and the way I see the world, it’s a big pleasure to be able to open your inner world to people.

Paz Medina
‘Artnet’ in progress. Mixed media, 2017

Arts Trail: Do you collect art?

How do you define what is art? If Art is just the creation of beauty, yes, I am always collecting objects that inspire me to create new art pieces.

Arts Trail: Please tell us something you really like about Leytonstone.

I am from Spain and I have been working in Leytonstone around one year and a half now. People know me, and it is really nice to come every day to work. People is very friendly, there is a lot of different nationalities living together in such harmony… I already feel that I am part of something.

Arts Trail: Besides the Trail, what is coming up next for you and where can we see more of your art in the flesh or on-line?

At the moment I have started to create a new greeting cards series, the ‘You are Unique’ series. It is not finished yet but you can get a sneak peek at my website

Header image:
Paz Medina
‘The Fabulous’, Ink, marker and coloured pencil, 2006