Join us!

2018 is our tenth anniversary and another exciting opportunity to showcase the strength and vibrancy of creativity in our community; as ever it is the artists and participants that make the year.

Whether you’re an established artist who wants to support other creatives, a young artist looking for an opportunity or someone who just wants to challenge convention / have fun making something / meet some like-minded souls, then there’s a place on the Trail for you.  It is what you make it…

Registration is open:


Checklist – what you’ll need to complete the registration:

1. Find a venue

You can display your work anywhere in Leytonstone so long as you have permission from the owner or manager of the venue. Consider cafes, shops, galleries, studios, workshops, your own home or even outdoors. It’s your job to find a venue but if you have difficulty doing so, contact the Arts Trail organisers who may be able to help you. You can also take a look at our list of possible venues – places that have participated in previous years who you could approach:

Venue availability

2. Prepare a suitable image and text description

For the Guide – 1 image: your image should be at least the size you expect to see it in the Guide, in jpeg, pdf or png format at 300 dpi and no bigger than 1Mb.

For the Website – up to 3 additional images: your images should be 1000 pixels along the longest edge, in jpeg or png format and no bigger than 500kb.

Submit your images as part of your online registration.

3. Complete the online form and pay the entry fee

The form is available here

We charge a small entry fee for participating to use for production costs of the Trail guide and website. There are two forms of entry that showcase your listing and location:

Individual / small: £25 – this gets you a small amount of text plus a thumbnail example of your work and your dot on the map, and a listing on the website. (This could also be a suitable option for venues shared between a small number of people (ie 2 or 3) who are happy for their show to be represented by a single image and description.)

Group / large: £60 – this gets you a space of approximately A6 size, portrait or landscape, advertising your show in the Guide, a dot on the map and a group listing page on the website. The advert should be simple and clear to read, contain the venue location with postcode, opening times, name and any other information you wish to include.

Events fees

There is an optional fee for listing events as we recognise artists make most events free for participants.

You are still asked to provide an image(s) and text which will be included on the website; your text and dot on the map will be included in the Guide; but sometimes space limitations prevent us including all Event images in the Guide.  If you wish to guarantee inclusion of your Event image in the Guide, the same fees apply as for exhibitions.

The Deadline to be included in the Guide is April 15th.

Artists updates (newsletter subscription)

Register your interest and receive updates on available venues, meet-ups and the forthcoming deadline via the artists mailing list (we promise we won’t spam you!)